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We have all new Fantasy Football Player stats this year.

We look at the players, their contribution to their team offense. The defense they are playing against and we develop an "expected value". We develop 3 different numbers - the week, the next 4 weeks and the full season.

Fantasy players can use our easy to read tables to help make their "play-sit" decisions as well as player trade or "purchase" decisions.

Our favorite "Fantasy game" is run by Rotohog.com. It is a fun game with the added aspect of a "market value" for players which "Fantasy Managers" use to "buy/sell" to build and improve their team.  One of our founders played Rotohog last year and finished 228th out of over 11,000 players.

What makes the PossessionPoints Player rankings significant?

Do you have the time to analyze all of the stats relative to a player's schedule, team by team? Can you do that for all of the players and compare their relative values? When you see a list of fantasy players for a position on another site do you know the relative value for those players? Do you know where they rate this week? For the next four weeks? How about the remainder of the season?

Well, PossessionPoints put their data analysis capabilities to work to bring you just this information. Below you will see 3 charts for 2008 wide receivers. These charts show the top 10 for the week, 4 weeks and entire season. With this information you will be able to build and manage your fantasy team like never before. 

Wide Receivers Sorted by Max Next Week Exp Value
  Player Next Week Expected Value Next 4 Weeks Exp Value Bye Week
1  Terrell Owens 16.10 60.90 -
2  Randy Moss 15.84 48.24 Week 4
3  Greg Jennings 15.55 53.30 -
4  Reggie Wayne 14.25 43.71 Week 4
5  Larry Fitzgerald 14.23 51.73 -
6  Braylon Edwards 14.02 55.38 -
7  Chad Johnson 12.42 48.14 -
8  Anquan Boldin 12.32 44.78 -
9  Andre Johnson 12.19 56.04 -
10  T.J. Houshmandzadeh 12.01 46.53 -

Wide Receivers Sorted by Max Next 4 Weeks Exp Value
  Player Next 4 Weeks Exp Value Next Week Expected Value Bye Week
1  Terrell Owens 60.90 16.10 -
2  Andre Johnson 56.04 12.19 -
3  Braylon Edwards 55.38 14.02 -
4  Greg Jennings 53.30 15.55 -
5  Larry Fitzgerald 51.73 14.23 -
6  Randy Moss 48.24 15.84 Week 4
7  Chad Johnson 48.14 12.42 -
8  T.J. Houshmandzadeh 46.53 12.01 -
9  Santonio Holmes 45.67 11.70 -
10  Anquan Boldin 44.78 12.32 -

Wide Receivers Sorted by Rest of Season Exp Value
  Player Rest of Season Exp Value Next Week Expected Value Bye Week
1  Randy Moss 256.56 15.84 Week 4
2  Terrell Owens 239.47 16.10 Week 10
3  Andre Johnson 217.45 12.19 Week 8
4  Braylon Edwards 208.09 14.02 Week 5
5  Reggie Wayne 205.45 14.25 Week 4
6  Larry Fitzgerald 204.01 14.23 Week 7
7  Greg Jennings 196.94 15.55 Week 8
8  Anquan Boldin 176.60 12.32 Week 7
9  Marques Colston 172.87 9.25 Week 9
10  Chad Johnson 172.44 12.42 Week 8


The above tables are base on the 2008 schedule and 2007 team and player performance data. So it may be no surprise that the top receiver is Randy Moss but would expect him to earn you 48 more Fantasy points than Braylon Edwards?It is interesting to note that Moss, Owens, Edwards and Jennings numbers were increased by the 2007 performance of the defense's they are playing. Everyone else in the top 10 had their expected value numbers lowered. (this is the significance of the red and green). The 2009 charts are available now and follow the same methods that worked so well last season.

Will we only see the top 10 on the list?

The length of the list will vary by position. Since most leagues are set up to have 12 teams and 3 wide receivers starting each week the list of wide receivers would need to be 36 players long. Our wide receiver list will be 75 players long. This will allow you to evaluate your "bench" players as well as look for hidden value from "sleepers" or perhaps a rookie that comes on the scene fast. We will list 25 quarterbacks, 50 running backs, 25 Tight Ends etc.

Note, even though "Rotohog" has thousands of players they have 1 copy of a player for every 12 Fantasy Managers. So the math works out the same. If you got the idea that one of our founders played the Rotohog game last year and had a lot of fun, you are right.  

For More Info watch our video on Fantasy Expected Player Values


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