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PossessionPoints is a blended and objective statistic that effectively measures a team's offense and defense. More specific info can be found on our Understanding and FAQ pages. If your team is a strong PossessionPoints team, you have a good football team.

What makes the PossessionPoints Stat different?

The PossessionPoints stat is different in many respects. Compare it to other traditional measures of offense and defense. Typically, yards per game (YPG) generated by an offense is used to rank offensive teams. In 2006, the best offense gained 391.5 YPG; the worst 246.2 YPG. So the best team was 59% better than the worst. The PossessionPoints stat places the best team average at 134.6 PossessionPoints per game and the worst team average at only 35.9 during the same period.

By our stat, the best team was 275% better than the worst. The same is true with defense. The best defense in 2006 allowed 264 YPG while the worst allowed 369 YPG - that is a 40% difference. The best PossessionPoints defense gave up 49 PossessionPoints per game while the worst gave up 116 - that is a 135% difference.
By generating a large range like this, PossessionPoints is an excellent way to tell if your team's offense and defense is effective in generating or preventing the kinds of drives that are essential to victory in the NFL.

The PossessionPoints stat works so well, and is of substantial value, because the difference in talent between teams in the NFL is not great. PossessionPoints stretches the field and makes the small, but important differences easier to see and track throughout the season.
Fantasy Football Player?  Office Pool Participant?  NFL Fanatic?  Then PossessionPoints.com is what you need to gain that distinct advantage. Here is what some of our members have said:  

"I wonder where PossessionPoints got their crystal ball or the computer they use to pick the winners.  Whatever they use, it's the right one." Curt B., Ventura, CA

"The information I got on PossessionPoints.com was totally different than any other sports site or station. I was able to use PossessionPoints in my fantasy football league and in my weekly office contest.  I definitely feel that I had an edge!" Dennis D.  Southampton, PA  

"PossessionPoints.com gave me insight that no one else had. PossessionPoints put a new spin on football analysis and actually made the games more fun to watch since I was watching the teams play through the eyes of this unbelievable stat.  I would recommend PossessionPoints for everyone from the avid football fan to the sports expert and fantasy player." Dominic T. New Milford, NJ



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