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Understanding PossessionPoints®

We are glad you are looking to further understand PossessionPoints®.

In basic terms, what PossessionPoints measures is very simple. The object for the offense is to keep the ball and score. The object for the defense is to get the ball and stop the other team from scoring on offense. Doing this late in the game is more important than doing it early in the game. That's it in a nutshell! Of course, there are  numerical values that go along with the measure, and we do a lot of things from forecasting to analysis with these numbers. However,  it's not important that we talk about numberical values here because we have color coded their significance so you can quickly see when one team has a gained an advantage.

We kept the colors simple too, Green, Yellow and Red.

Here is the significance of "Green". In the 1024 regular season games from 2006 - 2009:

You now know the basics of what PossessionPoints measures and how well the stat correlates to winning. Still want to know more? Go here for more details.